Quality at Maxon Steel Cast is Maintained and strived for in each and every sections of the company. It has a well Laid
out Quality Manual And Process Manual, both of which adhear to stringently. The manuals and Quality System
are based on iso 9001:2001 guidelines.

Some of the salientfeatures of Maxon Steel Cast Quality Syatem are :

        All incoming raw materials are checked for their conformance to the requirement
         before Allowed be used.
        PPAP approval for all fully machined parts.
        Quality Plants for each item
        Process Plant for each item.
        Tecnical data cards for all departments for item.
        Process FMEA for all times.
        Work instructions on all workstations.
        Stage wise quality checks.
        All Process parameters are recorded and monitored.

       Stringent compliance with requirement of calibration of process instrument and
        measuring instrument with agencies having interational traceability.

       The Quality and Prcess manuals are backed by excellent infrastructure.

       The following testing equipment are available in-house :

        Chemical Testing laboratory for checking raw material as well as
         chemical composition of castings.
        universal testing machine with chart record foe measuring physical of castings.
        Hardness Testing Machine for checking hardness of castings.
        Flourescent Dye Penetrant Checking Facilities.
        Ceramic Shall Mouldus of Rupture Checking Machine. X-Ray,
         Ultrasonic as well as other available wit vendors.